Ozone Therapy

This therapy uses the natural effects of the O3 molecule introduced into the body in various ways to bring about a variety of natural healing properties that can help alleviate pain, recover from viruses, illnesses and enhance energy and wellbeing.

Benefits of Ozone IV Therapy:

Improved Immune System Function

Enhanced Energy and Quality Sleep

Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antifungal Capabilities

Brain and Heart Health

Reduced Symptoms of Autoimmune Conditions

Mental Clarity / Less Brain Fog

Detoxification and Anti-Oxidant Production

Pain Relief and Anti-Inflammatory

Improved Circulation

Anti-Aging and Health Enhancement

Types of Ozone Therapy

Ozone + UBI - IV Therapy

The components of this therapy work together to bring the benefits of both ozone therapy and ultraviolet therapy into one treatment. The use of ozone in blood makes an oxidative stress causing the body to respond and heal, and UV light adds an additional level of antibacterial and antiviral power to the red blood cells causing a healing cascade to occur.

Many people know and understand that sunlight or UV light kills bacteria, viruses and more. UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation) or the process of using UV light in Ozone Therapy, does the same to our blood while at the same time stimulating our immune system which can help destroy any and all pathogens.

In so doing, light therapy “cleans and freshens” a person from the inside out.

When you walk into Well Infused, you can expect premier client experience in a safe and clean environment. Once we confirm that you are a good candidate for this therapy, we will then set up a treatment plan that is specific to you.

With O3UV Therapy, we first draw a small amount of blood which is then mixed with a bag of saline. Ozone is added to this mixture and then passed through a UV light before being reintroduced to your body through an IV.

Many clients leave already feeling better, more energized and refreshed. Many clients say it’s the “refresh button” they’d been looking for.

For chronic health concerns, many clients will follow a recommended protocol of 6-10 sessions.

Ozone Insufflation

This approach allows O3 gas to by pass different body tissues for more localized benefits. Insufflation can be done through the nose, ears, rectum and vagina.

Interested in

Ozone Therapy for your health?

Our team is ready to design a health plan that works for your body’s unique needs

and help get you reach your greatest health potential.

*we require specific labs on file for Ozone Therapy

after the initial base-level session

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