Access the ultimate health and wellness experience with a Well Infused Membership


Access the ultimate health and wellness experience with a Well Infused Membership

The Well Infused

Membership Process

Schedule your 72+ Biomarker Lab Draw

The starting point for all of our memberships is establishing a comprehensive baseline with our customized lab panel.

Results & Recommendations

Our educational process will leave you feeling more informed about your own health than ever before. In this two-step process, you'll first watch a webinar explaining each category of health biomarkers. Second, you'll have your Lab Review follow-up appointment with one of our health professionals to review your personal results and recommendations.

Start Your Membership

Many clients begin their membership at their lab review. Whether you're interested in custom IV Nutrition, home supplement protocols, hormone therapy, peptides or regenerative health, we'll provide you with best membership selection options and next steps.

Monitor Your Results

Updated labs are an important component of every membership, so we can track changes and progress, and continually modify your recommendations and protocols to achieve your evolving health goals.

Customized 72+

Biomarker Panel

Energy and Fuel

Understanding Oxygen and Nutrition Fueling our bodies efficiently starts with understanding the vital roles of oxygen and nutrition.

Red Blood Cell Health: Your red blood cells ensure oxygen is transported efficiently to every part of your body. Key indicators to watch:

RBC Count: How many oxygen-delivering cells you have.

Hemoglobin: Amount of oxygen-carrying protein present.

Hematocrit: Percentage of red blood cells in your total blood.

MCV: Average size of your red blood cells, affecting oxygen delivery.

Vital Nutrients: Ferritin, Iron, Vitamin B12, B9, and % Saturation

Blood Sugar Health: Your blood sugar, or glucose, is essential for energy. Keeping it balanced is vital:

Fasting Glucose: Snapshot of sugar level after not eating.

Hemoglobin A1C: Three-month average of blood sugar.

Estimated Average Glucose: Broader picture of daily glucose levels.

Heart and Lipid Health

Keeping the Balance Our bodies, apart from water, consist mainly of fats (lipids) and proteins, with lipids playing several vital roles.

Blood Lipids: These fats should move freely in our vessels, available for energy or cellular construction.

Triglycerides: Reflects metabolic health, not just dietary fats.

LDL Cholesterol: A crucial factor, but not the sole agent in heart disease.

HDL Cholesterol: The beneficial cholesterol offering insights when considered alongside other markers.

Total Cholesterol: Alone, doesn't reveal much about heart disease risk.

Lipid Ratios: Comparisons of various lipid levels crucial for understanding heart disease risk.

Apolipoprotein B: A new approach to understanding LDL cholesterol's nuances.


Cleanse, Refresh, and Restore In today's environment, our bodies confront numerous toxins. Coupled with the waste from our metabolism, detoxification is more vital than ever.

Liver & Kidney: Body's Natural Filters. Central to removing toxins and waste.

AST/ALT/GGT: Indicators of liver health and potential challenges.

Bilirubin & Alkaline Phosphatase: Clues about blood cell recycling and nutrient status.

Creatinine, eGFR, and Blood Nitrogen: Insights into kidney health.

Protein Markers: Albumin and Globulin: Reflecting how well we digest and utilize protein.

Cellular Communication

For Peak Health Optimal health requires coordinated cellular communication, driven by micronutrients, electrolytes, and hormones.

Electrolyte Balance: Minerals that power everything from our heart & muscles to our mind. The ‘electric currents’ required to operate your body must be in a tight balance determined by lifestyle, nutrition and diet.

Key indicators include sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, and Co2.

Hormonal Symphony: Over 600 hormones ensure harmony within our body's systems.

Thyroid Health: Governs our energy use. Key indicators include TSH, T3, T4, and antibody levels.

Sex Hormones: Impact a spectrum of health aspects, including metabolic health and stress response. Key indicators include Estradiol, total and free Testosterone, DHEA-S, LH & FSH

Immune System and Inflammatory Markers:

Strengthening Immunity and Reducing Inflammation In a world full of health challenges, our body's internal defense needs to be resilient.

Immune Health: A fortified immune system defends against numerous threats.

Vitamin D: A key regulator of immune response.

White Blood Cells: Indicators of the body's immune reactions.

Inflammation's Double-Edged Sword: Both a protector and a potential problem.

High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein: A top inflammation marker.

Homocysteine: Can impact blood vessels and brain cells.

Uric Acid: Elevated levels can indicate dietary and metabolic issues.

GGT & Alkaline Phosphatase: Early indicators of inflammatory diseases.

Clotting Factors: Elements like platelets and fibrinogen rise when there's an immediate threat from inflammation.


All memberships begin after your 72+ Biomarker Lab Panels ($749)

Functional Membership

Annual Membership Includes:

Bi-Annual Functional + Hormone Labs

2 Re-Check Labs (based on initial)

NP Office Visits or Telehealth Monthly

InBody Scans Quarterly

Unlimited Salt Room Therapy

10% off Nutritional Supplements

Access to Peptide Therapy and Prescriptions

$185 / Month

Hormone Membership

Annual Membership Includes:

Functional Membership + the following:

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy - Pellets, Injections or as directed by provider

Additional labs required for hormone therapy monitoring

Breast Thermography at participating locations

$295 / Month

Executive Membership

Annual Membership Includes:

Hormone Membership + the following:

Quarterly Functional + Hormone Labs

Bi-Weekly (26 annual) IV Therapy

Weekly Vitamin Shots

$925 / Month

Why Choose Well Infused

Personalized HealthCare Experience

We use natural and scientifically backed techniques in order to create the best experience possible for you.

Holistic ApproachTo Your Health

All recommendations we make are aimed at helping our clients achieve a higher level of health. We don’t treat symptoms, we address their cause.

Natural Healing& Wellness

Our goal is to help your body heal naturally - the way it was designed. We find ways to reduce things that are harming health, supplement essentials that are missing, and provide options to balance the body naturally.

A Health Spa ThatUnderstands Your Needs

Our experienced specialists provide personalized attention to ensure each client gets the most out of their time with us.

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