Joint and Muscle Health

Whether joints and muscles are painful from overuse, repetitive use, sports injuries, or just chronic wear and tear, we have options that will reduce pain and inflammation, as well as help your body heal and repair without the use of drugs or surgery.

What is

Injection Therapy?

Our Injection Therapies are alternative methods of helping joints and muscles heal without the traditional use of steroids. Our unique process utilizes special cells or ozone to help regenerate and heal body tissues. Our approach can be used to aid in the healing of orthopedic concerns, such as damaged joints, muscles, tendons or ligaments. These are minimally-invasive, in-office procedures with virtually no down-time.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point injections offer targeted relief for stubborn muscle knots and chronic pain. This minimally invasive procedure involves the insertion of a needle directly into the trigger point—a tense band of muscle—to deliver a combination of anesthetics and/or anti-inflammatory agents, directly to the affected area.

By precisely targeting these trigger points, injections can effectively relax tight muscles, alleviate discomfort, and restore mobility. Whether you're suffering from stubborn knots in forearms, traps, shoulders, neck, back, or elsewhere, trigger point injections offer a powerful solution to help you reclaim your comfort and mobility.

Protocols in our office can use a variety of different products, and typically include a protocol of three weekly injections.

Joint Injection Therapy

Our team is trained to deliver precise, ultrasound-guided joint injections; a cutting-edge approach to pain management and joint relief.

By leveraging the precision of ultrasound technology, our expert clinicians can accurately diagnose problems and target problem areas within the joints, such as the knees, shoulders, hips, and more.

This minimally invasive procedure involves the careful insertion of a needle guided by real-time ultrasound imaging, ensuring precise delivery of the desired products directly into the affected joint space. Whether you're struggling with arthritis, tendonitis, or other joint-related issues, ultrasound-guided injections offer a safe and effective solution to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and improve mobility.

Product Options


Includes lidocaine and other ingredients aimed at breaking up scar tissue, and irritating the trigger point or joint area to stimulate the body's healing response.

This is the most cost effective option.


Platelet Rich Plasma has additional reparative capabilities, using your body's own regenerative cells with anti-inflammatory and reparative properties.

Helps with pain, inflammation and facilitates a the body's repair response.


Ozone gas, a powerful oxidant, further promotes tissue regeneration. This specialized technique is often used in combination with other options.

Helps with pain, inflammation, infection and facilitates a deeper level of repair.

Regenerative Cells

Specialty cells are utilized that provide the maximum potential in healing, repair and restoration of joint injuries and degeneration.

Maximum potential of pain relief and restoration.

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Injection Therapy

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